How to use Tor Browser via V2Ray

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I have talked about How to Use Tor Browser Via Shadowsocks before, actually there are few differences between using Tor through these two proxy methods.

For me, due to the Chinese Great Firewall, if I want to use tor browser, a proxy method is necessary.

And for security and anonymous, you can use proxy though not blocked by some disturbing firewall.

1 Download Tor Browser

Official Website:





2 Open Tor Browser

3 Configuration

3.1 Click on “Configure”

3.2 Tick “I use a proxy connect to the Internet”

3.3 Find your IP address and port of the proxy

There are two ways:

1) Open V2RayN and click on "Parameter Settings - Core Basic Settings”. You can see the IP and ports. You must disable "Open Traffic Sniffing"

2) Open the configuration file of V2RayCore, which is usually located in the root directory of the V2Ray folder. The file name is “config.json”. In “inbounds”, you can also see the IP and port. Similarly, you must change Sniffing's Enable value to false.

3.4 Fill in proxy IP and port in Tor browser

4 Click “Connect” to connect to Tor Network

5 You can visit to check the results